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Saturday, February 07, 2009

a piece on quality tonight

Hello, so many topics I could write about but tonight I will show these. I mentioned some time back that I got the 2009 SG Commonwealth and British Empire (1840 - 1970) Catalogue for Christmas. I think I said I'd show you something from it on quality. SG do an excellent page on this I think. And given the absolute rubbish stamp descriptions one frequently sees on autcion sites I thought maybe this would be of use to you. With all credit to SG for their work and the image I show below.

When you see a stamp for auction, you will often see the seller saying well centered when in fact it is so off center it is not funny. Use the above as your guide. Although lets be honest, how low does ones IQ have to be to know whether something is off center or not :-) Obviously pretty low for some of the sellers I see :-)

Enjoy your stamps,
tomorrow maybe an example to prove my point :-)



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