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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm back...

Hello, yes been away too long and done little to nothing about stamps ... I have read a few stamp related web sites recently and on one I came across a series of stamps from the USA which I enjoyed looking at..... Great Americans or something..... long running series..... maybe many of you will know more than me and maybe someone will write to me with details so I can tell everyone else.

Here is one of the stamps..... this is a classic in my view, as are the similar designs of many other Americans, or adopted Americans, as in Harvard's case as I know you know :-) he was born in London England and educated at Cambridge (the English University that is).

I am slowly catching up on emails. Thanks for them and apology if I have not replied to all personally. My flight mileage competition was won by Srinivasan from India. Well done. I'll get something in mail soon..

Christmas is coming, next competition will be for a prize in time for Christmas :-)

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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