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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Competition

Hello everyone.. here is a copy of the Australia Christmas stamps. Of the many sets of Christmas stamps I have seen; these are pretty ok with me. Some other issues are just awful. But then what do you expect these days I guess.

If you like these and would like the cover, all expenses paid as they say, enter my competition.

The competition: I have to think of something that will interest you don't I, yet not be too difficult. Ok.. somethng different send me a card or letter ( so I get some stamps) wishing me a Merry Christmas ( how else will I get any Christmas cards ha ha ha ha) and I will get one of my lovely children to randomly chose one of the envelopes from a large hat so to speak and the winner will receive this cover. I will probably do some runner up prizes as well.. how many depends on the number of cards I get .. seem fair? mailing address is PO BOX 3482, Dural NSW 2158, Australia. Yes I will be in Sydney for the Christmas week. So don't delay.
Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes.. Michael


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