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Sunday, October 19, 2008

more GB stamps.....

first though, did you miss me? No, I thought not. Oh well I enjoy entertaining myself. Do you want to know what I did in Singapore? Not telling :-) although I will say I did learn a lot about the A380.

So the competitions. Winners... ok I will give a winner or two. The aviation theme stamps.......

for the 1st class stamp, I liked, "what do you mean it was a practice run" and also, for the 81p stamp I liked " do I play the blue ball then the pink " Very clever... I would send you a prize but I don't have your address :-) you can email it to me ok :-)

As for the previous (most recent) competition, it was Jane Seymour on the stamp - the mother of Edward VI who was born on Oct 12th 1537.
Winner was from a city I rather like and don't get to visit that often Manila, well Quezon City to be precise, but to me it is still Manila :-) just a bit further out than downtown Manila.

Tonights stamps, my next prize in a competition. I should have shown these yesterday, 18th October.
Why????... Would the number 86 have anything to do with the answer.

Enjoy your stamps................ Michael


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