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Friday, August 15, 2008

time to talk quality I am afraid, and a sales plug

Hello, I decided it was time for me to try to auction some stamps - raise some cash again to fund my postage costs. and anyway my Paypal account is low.

So I listed a few lots on eBay - see me at michaelatcddstamps, some nice first flight covers and a few other lots, and starting prices at 99c. I had a look around eBay. Pretty good quality being offered for sale.
Then I decided to list a few lots on Cheaper to list and the material - GB Commemoratives - might not attract much interest on eBay - three lots listed - again all starting at 99c. You can find my listings under seller "cddstamps"
Then I had a browse at some of the GB for sale. Much ok.. if you want to waste your time buying single items for 5c or 25c when the cat is same as the asking price. My special offers on the web site will be a steal - unless these sellers are buying them derrgghh!!! :-)
"I gotta tell you" there are some shonky sellers there. Definately not IPDA members. I found this one for sale. I throw these away when I am sorting. Please don't buy this rubbish ( look at botton right hand corner for starters, and then notice the seller has scanned on light green background... to further hide the bad perfs) . Have I told you all this before. Sorry for repeating myself, but someone is buying this because the seller has many thousands of sales to their name. and some poor beginner out there is likely getting ripped off big time.

Then this one. Sad but true. This is rubbish. I am embarrassed that someone purporting to be a stamp dealer is offering to sell this. He or she is a disgrace and not a reputable seller in my view. I have seen this seller many times offer this lack of quality - this absolute junk - for sale. There is nothing I can do about it except tell you and say please tell anyone you know that this is a garbage piece of paper that was a collectable stamp before it got damaged. And for the record the background to my stamps on Stampoffers is blue, only because I don't have any black paper. Am going to get some tomorrow, but I think my reputation and being a member and Director of the IPDA stands for something.
:-) Big smile.
Have a great weekend everyone. Anyone got a real doozy of a stamp they saw on an auction. Send me a scan please and I'll show others.


At 9:38 AM, Blogger The Tropical Blogger said...

I still see myself as a beginner in collecting, but I throw out those stamps that are missing those 'teeth'. I only want those that look close to perfect.

I also throw out those that are so thin I can see through them. It's sad that some beginners think that those are worth something.

At 4:12 PM, Blogger cddstamps said...

Thanks for the comment. I don't know what countries or period you collect but if GB for example and the stamps are say pre 1970 do check watermarks just in case you have something that might be collectable even with missing perforations or creases. I'll write about this tonight as you have given me a good idea. Thank you Michael

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Ice Queen said...

As a complete novice I can see what you mean about missing perforations/torn bottom corner. Not so sure what's wrong with the second stamp - I'm sure its bleedingly obvious to the rest of your readers, so sorry to expose the ignorance. But I would love to see a comparison pic of a non-damaged version of the second stamp if anyone had one.


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