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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I was reading a few other blogs tonight - looking for inspiration maybe - I was going to write about Machins as I found a few nice high value ones while sorting over the weekend.

I read Adrian's always an informative read in my view and there was a very good piece on Machins with some excellent pictures, and of course my mate Roy's Machin Mania at I cannot compete with these guys, so thought I'd look for another topic. Just happened to get a link to a Royal Mail page and came across these high value Machins I have never seen before. Maybe I have been living under a rock here in Seoul, or just forgot. Anyway they seem to be selling only in pages of 100, from what I could see from a quick look. Have to have a look in more detail as I don't have these Machins. New colours to me. Here is the ₤5 Machin. Hands up if you have a copy. Ok no one :-) me neither. Have to rectify that somehow. Maybe my pilot friend will get me a copy next time he is in London and mail it to me :-)

Enjoy your stamps, oh and I did I tell you I have a rather nice starter lot of 150 plus machins, 80 at least different, on eBay :-) opening bid 99c - user id michaelatcddstamps, as if you didn't know by know.



At 10:04 AM, Blogger Machin Man said...

Hi Michael,

If you are to buy this stamp mint, ask your pal to ensure that it is nicely centred, with full perforations and no rips.

I bought a set from the Royal Mail outlet and the centring was on the £2 and £5 to say the least were awful.The perforations were also torn and short on 3 of the values

I promply returned them with a letter informing the manager that it was obvious these were required for a collection and no care had been taken by the dispatcher whatsoever.

I might also add this is not the first time I have had shoddy goods from them.

My refund arrived into my credit account, but no letter of apology was recieved.

BE WARNED even presentaion packs contain these expensive duds.



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