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Saturday, August 16, 2008

faults by example

I have been sorting more stamps and listing more on eBay and

I do hope you have a look me on eBay - michaelatcddstamps is user ID - Just listed some Machins, 99c opening bid, excellent lot, over 150 stamps, and some Wilding high values, and on Stampoffers a few lots as well; my user id there is cddstamps.

While sorting I came across these and since I have been talking quality lately and I don't want anyone out there to get ripped off, I thought I'd show you these three stamps. They are yours along with a few extra copies of the 2/6 stamp, as space fillers, to first email to answer the question after the scan

The question - how many faults can you see in the 2/6 stamp - email me at and describe them. There are no tricks - just observe as you would if you were buying off an auction site - because I assure you the equivalent of these are being listed, and sadly, silly bunnies are buying them!! :-)

Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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