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Friday, July 25, 2008

Flying.... sleep ...and stamps.........

Hello all two of you :-) ha ha and yes thanks for showing me the typo on my old blog.. oh dear...always rushing and never proof reading.. that is the way today I feel. I'll update.
Thanks Jill.

Stamps... well I have done nothing.. not even thought stamps this week... got back from Kuala Lumpur today.. overnight flight.. don't you just hate those when you don't have first and a flat bed.

My problem is if I don't get to sleep by say midnight I start to stay awake for the next 24 hours...... and the flight didn't leave in the end until 01:45... so by the time we had climbed to seat belts off - which off course we never do .. do we... please always keep your seat belts on the entire flight.. I can tell you some rather awful stories.. not me thankfully.. anyway.. back to stamps..

Olympic stamps.. have you seen many.. here is one from the US... Actually I think this is THE US issue.. pretty pathethic if you ask me... :-)

Please send me a scan from your country of any 2008 Olympic stamps that has been or will be issued. I'll show to everyone. Am home for the weekend here in Seoul so may just think stamps for a while................. when I wake up eventually :-) Enjoy your stamps........... Nite ........... . Michael


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