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Monday, June 23, 2008

hi... am back from Manila... don't really know what to say.. stamps wise.. big disappointment .. found stamps shops on the internet but when I got there they weren't stamps shops.. saw stamps for sale in markets and such places.. just rubbish packaged at silly prices...albeit very cheap but still silly prices should have been free.. :-)

even a hotel I visited for a meal sold Philippine stamps in collector packets but really just a waste of money .............. So I have none to show you.. weather awful........ there was this cyclone "Frank" close by so couldn't enjoy a walk along Manila bay.. and flights were disrupted.... pretty average weekend.. been there done that as they say.............

sad really as I think the place has potential.. apart from the airport.. now that is another story .. and I thought some airports in India were bad...

Yes I know.. I am spoilt travelling though such places as Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo-Narita and Hong Kong and Seoul ( seriously this airport at Incheon is one well planned and executed airport), Frankfurt is great, so is Munich.., just to add a European flair.......even JFK Termainal 1 is OK....

but then we have to do London (Terminal 4 is bad enough .. I would not go near Terminal 5 for a year at least ) and Sydney ( yeah gods.. provincial as they come.. and that is when the staff decide to work...and occassionally your baggage comes up with in the hour so you can clear all the quarantine steps in another hour.. if the staff like the look of you... you have to do Sydney [ great city if you can get through immigration, customs and quarantine :-) ] just to experince how those that don't travel treat those that do.. you think I am exaggerating.. believe me I am not.......... and of course Manila .. all in same league if you ask me.. I bet the airport authorities would not like hearing that but then they probably don't travel do they. :-) and as for the staff.. what the hell do they care............... judging by my experience of the latter three.. they don't. ...although actually that is a bit unfair.. the staff in Manila seemed to care... just there were so many of them caring.. I did four security checks of the boarding pass... derrghh.. after having been through a few scans and body checks.. OK OK OK you are thinking, it was just me and my dark sunglasses :-) ha ha ha ha

I will back to stamps tomorrow :-) hee hee............ M


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