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Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Competition Winners

Hello everyone, I am pleased to say the winner was...

ok let me say thanks first to all who entered.. best ever number of entries.. Hope you all enjoyed the research and found some interesting names and even time to read about them.. You have a Christmas party trick up your sleeve now.. .. did you know that it was / is blah blah's birthday today.. when you are looking for some topic of conversation at a Christmas day party ok maybe not

Anyway, well done Alvin from the USA... 343 names.. a couple I did not know and a runner up to Lea, also USA. with 311.

I give honourable mentions to the following, Irene ( Australia - 225), Mark (USA - 223), Carol (USA-217), Jaison (United Arab Emirates 208) and Jane (Canada 207). well done everyone.
Just quickly.. have you lookd at

Please do.. My flown on the A380 First Flight cover.. signed by many of the Cabin Crew..... being auctioned for childen's charity. At least read the listing please.

and if you want some entertainment look at another A380 "Flight Cover" sic.. which has a picture of a 2 engine plane on it, plus a stamp with some old plane on it.. no idea where the A380 bit comes in. I think the home made handstamp!!! ha ha ha ha...

Have a great weekend.. Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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