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Friday, November 16, 2007

today in history...........

Getting away from eBay tonight.. and anything to do with A380 related stamps, or fakes , for memorabilia sake……
Where would you find the Cowbay Hall of Fame…. some guy called Francisco Vasquez de Coronado explored the region for Spain in 1541.?????

Today, November 16th is quite a memorable day in the history of this … area…. shall I say.. for fear of giving it away…… where am I talking about ..? ok a clue.. here is a commemorative stamp,, with some details shaded out………

Prize ……….. a Singapore Post A380 miniature sheet plus the remnants of a miniature sheet ( cos I used the stamps ha ha on my covers …) which was postmarked in Singapore on 25th October……. beats any fake item you can waste your money on, on eBay……….. anyway.. the prize to the owner of the 10th correct answer will do.. if you also copy me (and them) the email addresses of 10 people you have emailed my blog address to…I won't write to them.. I just want you to show me you have passed on the word) I am determined to spread the word !!!!!!!!!!! I say with a smile.. I know I cannot change the world.. but together we can .. and you include your postal address… so I can send you the prize

Have a great weekend and don’t get ripped of.. well, unknowingly anyway.. LOL
enjoy your real stamps and real covers ......... ha ha ha ha ....Michael


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