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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

your advice please..............

but before I get to that......... I had an email from my fan club.. I have one real cheeky fan that I know of , asking why I had not told you about the A380 flight.. of course the truth is there was a lot of champagne before during and after so I thought it best not to exaggerate... a few words or less.. flights were great, crew were brilliant, cabin was so noisey it was untrue.. well that was the noise of the 7 hour party., the plane itself was the quietest I have ever flown on, and whatever the publicity material says about how quiet the cabin is ........... it is true.. seats are great, leg room was better than expected and more than the usual 747, and the inflight video.. well excellent from content but even better than excellent if you measure it by the size of the screen you are looking at.
Being stamp people we are ok looking at postage stamp sized screens on 747s.. but these screens were so much larger.. I just wish I had not been partying so much and had time to watch more.. .. next flight
Ok so rather than show you another A380 cover or promote my First flight covers.. .. I don't need to there are only a few left and I am going to have to soon say sorry, the covers have been sold...
I thought I would ask your view on this stamp.. I am tempted to think it a gem to collect.. never seen one so off centre.. what do you think.. ???

Look forward to hearing from you,
even if you are only my fan club over there in the UK
enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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