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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Penny Black

Hello, A few reasons for this.. I saw it on an auction site and liked it even though it has a "corner" missing, and I thought well here is an example where the quality - as in the defect - is perhaps worth accepting. The seller has not over described it.. and as you can see the condition is clear to see. In fact the seller shows the reverse as well. So well done to them.
I will see how it progresses and what it sells for - certainly a chance perhaps to pick up a very good space filler.

But what about the Penny Black. It has always been one of my favourite stamps.. but I am not sure why, maybe because it was the first stamp ever issued... Also, when you think about it, a very clever design as well.. with the lettering decribing exactly where the stamp was on the printed sheet of stamps. AA AB AC etc... and of course before the perforation was "invented" so a stamp with four good margins is always good to find ... as in this one.

But time for a quiz... How well do you know your Penny Black history.... we all know that Rowland Hill had something to do with the stamp.. but do we know
1) whose design sketches influenced Hill? and
2) who was the Chief Engraver at the Royal Mint whose engraved design Hill recommend be used ?

A cover of some sorts.. to the 10th correct entry... enjoy your stamps
Best wishes...Michael


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