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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Canada - Queen Victoria stamp 2c

something different tonight.. I found some rather old covers while sorting through a box of stamps today... some I may put on eBay.. this is a giveaway.. as not the best I will admit because for starters you cannnot see the post mark clearly.. probably why it was in the box in the first place.. no one wanted it

Anyway.. It is a 1900 to 1902 or 3 franking judging by the others I found ..It is just a single piece of paper.. the one part of the envelope cover.. for some reason the rest of the cover was torn away...

Still the stamp is quite nice and clean, nice perfs.. although the bottom perfs seem short to me.. yet not cut or anything, just rounded shorter.. pretty common stamp but maybe some out there would like it.. just email if you want it.. and include your post address.. first in gets it.

Talking about eBay.. I have listed two covers.. Sputnik covers, one with a set of the gummed stamps, and the other with a set of the self adhesive strip.. both covers have the $1 stamps as well.

I made a few covers for a few of you and mailed them.. but these are a one off.. I only made one of each .. Have a look my view they should be collectable.. and in years to come the cddstamps name alone will make them collectable.. .I hope .. everyone has to start small right !!!! Covers are also signed by me.. hey, what more could you ask.. ok .. go check eBay..

Have a great weekend.. enjoy your stamps.. and may I ask.. if you have any spare stamps you want to donate to my Childrens Corner.. it could do with a few at the moment..

Best wishes.. Michael


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