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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something very different.. How about this..

found it amongst some papers tonight.. interesting in that the stamp was placed on left hand side rather than top right which has always been the traditional place for postage stamps.. and that it has such a lovely clear postmarking.... in all likelyhood this is GB SG 267... the stamp was issued in May 1911... and there are a few shades I might add... the same was also issued in 1902 I should add. but the earlier issue was printed by De La Rue while the 1911 issue was printed by Harrison and Sons. There are various other differeneces but lets not get too technical.

The point is to say when you see stamps of this period it is often very difficult to tell which printing you have. Why is this important you may be asking. Well because (while for the 1/2d issue the cat value is pretty similar) , for the higher denominations the cat values can be very diferrent, and not necessarily true that the De La Rue is more pricey than the Harrison. ....Oh all to complicated me thinks. I only mention all this because if you want to start collecting or are collecting these do study the stamps carefully,. especially if you are buying to fill some gaps.

And finally something new.. if I have done it correctly.. a survey.. please take the time to fill it in.. I value your feedback

Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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