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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Scented Roses

Hello everyone.. I do apologise for not writing much at the moment.. I am really busy at work.. and you know how it is.. time just disappears..

Tonight a quick thank you for the good feedback on the flight envelope.. very informative.. thank you.. and the prizes for recent competitions I shall try to send out over the weekend.. I better because I am leaving for India again on Sunday.... I also have rather a lot of unopened mail.. so if you are waiting on stamps from me.. please be patient.. I know my poor customer service could turn you off but I am hoping you will understand my side of things.. I am also behind on emails.. bit of a wreck all things said eh

So what about these stamps.. quite nice.. some I picked up from my last trip.. hope I have not shown them before.. I don't think so.. they will be sent to whoever sends the first email AND they can own up to not being allergic to the smell of roses.. hey, lets face it if you are allergic you wont want these will you ... AND they include their mailing address.. just helps me get things out quicker ( sometimes LOL)

Hope every one is well and enjoying their stamps.. best wishes.. Michael


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