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Friday, May 25, 2007

when is enough enough

Yesterday I read, in a US news brief of all places, about the new stamps issue Royal mail has announced. To commemorate the release of the 7th Harry Potter Book. Apparently there will be 7 new stamps issued on July 17th, a few days before the release of the new Harry Potter book in the UK; July 21st I believe.

Apparently these stamps are to commemorate and I quote from the Royal Mail ….“social themes and important occasions in our way of life” .

….excuse me, I just vomited.. :-)
Ok, back again… but still laughing and gagging….. BUT, wait for it.. that is not all…. I read on the blog ( the blog of the authority on Machins in the UK, my dear friend Roy Simpson. Machin Mania), that there will also be a miniature sheet issued. The MS will consist of 5 x 1st class definitive stamps showing the Hogwarts crest and the crest of the 4 school houses - Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.

You have to read Roy’s blog for more detail and further entertainment. I cannot take credit away from him.

Anyway, laughing and joking aside, hey maybe these stamps will get children into collecting… did someone say pretty stickers.. oh I hope not.. you are so cynical… but just maybe this will help children and youngsters get interested in stamps.. at the worst it will line the Royal Mail’s coffers me thinks.

Lets go back to those GB QE pre decimals and George V issues, and those wonderful early Canada and USA issues.. but, will we ever really know what people thought of them at the time. We must be opened minded even if we (and yes I maybe over the top at times) are cynics and skeptical of the motives of the worlds’ postal authorities these days. And I only add that bit about “the worlds'” postal authorities because I was reading a world new issue listing.. awesome.. so many stamps…. How busy must new issue services be.. well there is a 30 minute talk if ever I heard one. The Harry Potter stamps shown, with thanks to Ian at Norvics and the Royal Mail.. shown with no intent to breach any copyright

Enough is enough.. from me tonight.. enjoy your stamps and have a great weekend.. Michael

PS Both referred to sites are in my list of favoutires.. so have a look,,. both excellent sites.


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