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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

some really nice new issue stamps...

from where??? .. and I have to say from the Royal Mail in the UK... well how high I am to be saying this.. after my last rantings about the pretty sticker quality of Royal mail issued stamps.

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. but I do think the new issue - released tomorrow 22nd March - for the abolition of slavery has some stamp design quality to it for a change. What do you think....???

Sadly I am not collecting GB new issues anymore.. sob sob on this occassion... so if anyone wants to send me a used set please feel free to do so.. even any one of these that you get doubles of .. hey send to me.. I am sure I will find a way to respond with more than one Australia stamp.

Also, many thanks for your letters and stamps.. I finally got to my PO Box today.. two weeks worth of mail there.. oops,.. I am behind... so community reply.. thank you.. will try to get round to individual replies in due course.

We have an electrical storm here so I better post before I get zapped... enjoy your stamps... best wishes.. Michael


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