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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

more on that auction lot............

So you thought I was a little hard in my comment last night.. I don’t think so.. of the 12 stamps presented you can only fully see one of them, reading top left to right . this is my view of the stamps..

top left - Poor postmark from what can see. Cannot see all the stamp.
top middle - Postmark basically ruins the stamps Cannot see much of stamps.. but not missing perfs top right Damaged right hand top corner..
top right- Perfs top left look pretty suspect to me - cannot see full stamps

middle left - What a lovely postal franking.. yes ruins stamp. Through it away.
middle middle -Another fine example of poor franking.. and anyway this is the same as the stamp to the left
niddle right - Cannot see all the stamp.. so no other comment

bottom left - Damaged.. top left.. and postmark.. well how bad is that Cannot see all stamps and postmark is none too brilliant
middle bottom The only stamp you can see all of. Postmark hard to see so could be missing or very faint.. which could make this the only useful stamp of the 12
bottom right - Cannot see all the stamp again.. heavy postmarking yet again.. looks like a crease or two to me…

As a prize.. I will give these 11 stamps (ignore duplicate) to you if yours is the first email to and you list the SG numbers and SG pricing.. just tell me what Cat year you are using…. Will publish results in a few days..

Enjoy your stamps… … Michael


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