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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Australia - Eastern Water Dragon

Hello, I am back in Sydney.. hot (temperature wise that is).. compared to chilly Melbourne.. but to stamps.. I hope you like this stamp.. or rather this block and the lovely postmark.

I was looking out of the window on the plane and was shocked by the drought conditions I saw below me.. really quite amazing.. dry dams and the main dam which supplies Sydney's water is really so low it is, to be honest, quite worrying. Years ago I drove to Canberra and on the main road into Canberra was this big expanse of water.. I forget the name of the lake.. but it is dry.. I mean totally dry.. awesome site.. shocked me I can tell you.. just goes to show I am better off in an aisle seat and just sleeping through the flight.. Thankfully we have the most conscientious politicans who really care.. and know what is happening out there... oops sorry, am I being cynical or what.. I am lost for words myself.. and don't want to get political but we have a problem and it seems no one is doing anything about it.. except for the pollies talking BS.. but hey we all know that is life don't we..... well what do we expect from Pollies eh!!!!!!!! ... less of this .. these stamps then.... I chose them because they show a water dragon.. could get on my enviromentalist soap box now couldn't I what will happen to these creatures.. no water for them???

But nice stamps and what a stunning postmark......... no water out Bourke way I imagine .. I am on a high tonight eh!!! so where is Bourke.. what is Bourke.... named after a frog maybe.. say the name five times quickly ha ha

Sorry for poor picture.. got home to find my scanner on the blink.. so took this with my camera and uploaded the picture.. apology for not usual quality.. another problem to resolve.. but stamps will keep me sane ...... wont they ??

Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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