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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

after the fire............

well yes it has to be the water... interestingly enough if you look at the Millenium issue from the Royal Mail back in 1999 / 2000 you will find that the Millennium Projects (2nd Series) stamp issue was Fire and Light.. well you have light with fire.. as my picture a few nights ago showed... and the 3rd series was in fact Water and Coast. yes I can see the linkage.. but for me tonight I mention water only becasue it rained here last night.... might not happen for another few years :-) but it did rain... thankfully.

So why am I telling you this. well I am not sure to be honest .. it seemed a theme to show some stamps.. and to show how close stamps are to everyday life at times.. if you think of it that way. Ok so I am tied.. I lost my internet connection yesterday.. no the lines were not burnt out with the fires but they might have well have been.. No internet.. how I had withdrawal symptoms anyway .. all is well.. back to stamps.. I hope you enjoy these..

What a wonderful series.. the Millennium issue.. too many I think.. and I do think they were streched for ideas.. but still an interesting collection in their own right. I have a few gaps and have way way back tried to encourage trades to fill those gaps. If you have gaps write to me and I will be happy to trade two for one.. you send me two and I'll send you one.. no no no only joking .. the other way round.. if you can help me fill my gaps I'll gladly give you two Millennium stamps for any one of my gaps.

email me at Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes.. Michael


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