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Friday, December 22, 2006

some great blogs .. and more

Hello everyone... Friday night.. Christmas in a few days.. I can sleep in tomorrow.. and then have 4 days off work.. much as I really enjoy what I do I also really like the idea of 4 days away from the city.

some time for stamps maybe

I have been catching up on some email and reading others blogs.. you maybe read them more then me - my time is limited these days - and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

see my links for these - in the left hand bar -

-- Stamp Collecting Roundup .. Brilliant.. you must read this blog...

-- My Philately.. again excellent . so very informative, along with AKPhilately

-- Look at my other two favourites, Novic Philately and Machin Mania. Such good web sites .. you won't find many around with this quality of detail and presentation. in my view.

also look at my one other of my covers favourites..

New FDCs Coming Soon some lovely new FDCs coming soon.

Tell me of others you know, if you think you know sites that are equal or better.

And finally.. I have decided to give away all the material that has accumulated as "not won prizes" this past year.. a few - yes honestly.. .. to the 25th email ( well it is Chritsmas) to fill in the missing words / numbers etc

The miniature sheet carries a £3.00 Machin Definitive and reproductions of 1d stamps (one penny ) definitives issued during the reigns of the three monarchs.

The sheet was designed by ????? ??????? of Together Design and printed by ?? ?? ??? in gravure. It measures ??? mm x ?? mm

Not that hard if you think about it .. and maybe there is a clue on my website
email me at will keep this open until I leave for UK in 7 days time.

Will try to show some new stamps over coming days.. best wishes and Merry Christmas ........... Michael


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