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Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas is 7 days away

so I will start by wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas holiday season and while I realise not everyone participates in Christmas as I do.. shrimps on the barbie and sun bathing with a glass or two...or three... of my favourite beverage - I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, however or wherever you and your families are.

I am hoping I get, as my Christmas present, some time to spend with my stamps but am not sure that will happen.. time will tell.. and for you to keep visiting this blog.. even if occassionally.. you never know what you might miss I will try to keep writing over the coming weeks.. and will definately get the prizes mailed to all of you who entered the cddstamps Christmas Competition. In recognition that I have not done my Christmas cards this year I am sending a prize to every entry.. shucks dont you wish you entered .. still maybe time.. ok visit me at CDDSTAMPS if you have only just found this blog.

Stamps news.. well the stamps I showed a week back were from Gibralter.. no one got it...... amazing..... obviously no one from Gibralter is reading my blog.. hey if you have a stamp friend in Gib please tell them.. please.... ...must be the only country where I am not read...

As for the Beatles stamps and covers.. .. you just have to look at these.. see previous article.. and also look at another really good web site.. I know Ian and can say you will get a great deal from him... and his site is so informative as well.

Anyone already placed their orders for the Beatle stamps I wonder?? Do let me know.. it will be a while before I get mine.. and if you have ordered any special covers I would really appreciate it if you sent me a scan.. I will show others..

Now for a giveaway.. these Maxi Cards were issued by Australia Post in 2002..

still in their packing.. free to first correct answer.. to the following .........

There were 6 stamps issued by the Royal Mail (Great Britain) for their Christmas issue.. the values were 2nd, 1st, 72p and £1.19p .... What were the other two values issued

Never issued before, for Christmas stamps, I might add.

I look forward to hearing from you... just email me at

Best wishes,., have a great Christmas .. I will try to write over the next few weeks with a surprise or two.. Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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