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Friday, December 15, 2006

back again....................

Hello everyone.. stamps.. oh yeah.. I used to collect and read and write about them.. until.... work... home and other stuff got in the it has this past week.. and I don't think it will ease over the next month. I do hope to get some stamps from the countries I am going to visit over the next 4 weeks.. and if you come back mid to end of January you might enjoy them

Until then...... I know the Beatles stamps will be isued in the UK next month.. check out Buckingham Covers and their offers..

The Beatles covers are issued on 16th January 2007 and costs £9.95 unsigned or £24.95 signed by Pete Best (The 5th Beatle).

To order, call 01303 278137, go online at Buckingham Covers or write to Buckingham Covers, FREEPOST SEA 8889, FOLKESTONE, Kent CT20 2BR (no stamp needed). Cheques should be made out to “Buckingham Covers”. These will be big sellers .. well I think so.. you tell me...

Also, I am sorry I have not written this week..... .Please don't give up on me what with the cricket (when will England get a break .. ok ok ok 2067 maybe .......and business Christmas parties.. ( well one has to go don't one !!! ) and my daughters smashing up my cars.. life is a drag at times.. and thank your god for stamps I say ... so non stressful...

enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.... Michael


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