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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

stamps.. and English Pubs...

Hello again, there is no link between the stamps and English Pubs.. other than I had yet another excellent day including a few hours in a pub supping some fine ale and then some time spent looking through some stamps, both those that Roy gave me and some I bought. I even manged to mail out prizes to a few people. And am catching up on some email.

Now for the printersI asked about last night. I wont write about them tonight because I have had a slow response to the question posed. Was it that difficult??? So the 6 booklets are still open for you to win.

Tonight I will pose another question ...since I have been talking and reading about printers of British Stamps.. there are a number of printing processes... Digital, Embossing, Gravure, Letterpress, Lithography, Recess, Screen and Thermography. All interesting for sure and you might enjoy reading about them; but one of these you may know or have heard of as intaglio; a very interesting printing process I think. Which one ????

I will find a nice cover to send to the 5th correct answer to . Enjoy your research. And think about it..... for the stamps you collect do you know what the printing processes are. If you collect GB as I do you will know there are quite a few of these used, and often for same stamp I think.

So another good day here in the UK. Stamps, Pubs, email and yes lots of sunshine.. oh and too much food.. how good to be on holiday.

And I have a trip to Stanley Gibbons now planned for Friday. More stamps and a few stamp shops to visit; as well no doubt, a few London pubs.

As for the auction of the cover I mentioned the other night... I have some bids....... any more... please send your bid to me at I'll make it blind for a time.. this is to raise revenue for the IPDA: the money goes to a good cause and I will mail the winning bidder the cover in a letter with a set of the latest GB Commemoratives.. music on stamps I think they are called ... rather interesting new GB issue..... on the envelope... before I leave here on Sunday.. paid for by me.. so be generous... ok..

Best wishes.. enjoy your stamps... Michael ...


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