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Thursday, September 21, 2006

what stamp is this.. and... a virtual stamp exhibition

Hello, I have so many topics to write about.. I chose these two.

First, and for a fabulous prize.. all sorts of covers that have not previously been won. yes not everything gets won you know.. I will have a few for someone if they can tell me:

what stamp is this image from: country of issue, year of issue and value will do.

why am I showing it - clue if you know the stamp you will know the person and if you know the person you might work out that today is a special day .. well it would have been had he still been alive and if you dont know any of that look at the image and work it out.. oh so simple I am sure I make these too easy

Second subject is the Virtual Stamp exhibition that is on at I hope you have time to have a look.. I have even posted a set of 16 pages myself, although pretty poor next to all of the others. If you want to see 16 pages of green stamps.. all the same - well not to the specialist - as they are the GB GV 1/2d Downey Head.. have a look.

Enjoy your stamps and thanks for the replies to the energy competition.

Look forward to hearing from you... Best Wishes .. Michael


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