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Sunday, September 03, 2006

speed on stamps

Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows anything about speed on stamps, because today is the anniversary of Sir Malcolm Cambell setting a landspeed record. He did this in Utah in 1935 and acheived 301 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

He was knighted by George V in 1931. No stamps isued them eh!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, FYI.. I have lost my main computer and my access to scanning so cannot get any stamps scanned that related to him or his very famous son.

Would anyone be able to scan me some stamps??? please . .. every scan sent (up to the first 25 received) will receive a FDC as a thank you.. and I will try to use your scan in future articles. email me at and please include a mailing address.

Apology but I dont think I will be writing much of interest over next week without a scanner.. but I will try.

Have a great week.. and to the person who said I was so boring with only work and stamps to keep me occupied.. how wrong are you . I only talk about work and stamps on this blog.. that is what it is for.. and mostly stamps.. and that is all I am going to talk about... ...but I will try to improve.. so feedback gratefully accpeted

Michael... and


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