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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Boy from Oz...........

What has that to do with stamps.. well nothing I can think of but it is the story of my past few days as I have been to see the show twice.. nuts.. well not quite.. I had a corporate dinner on Friday and then family outing last night.. two nights into bed past 1 am.. guess how much stamp thinking I have done this weekend.. ok.. think hard.. yep.. none..

Saw these though while sorting a few covers tonight.. thought well that should be me.. wildlife.. ha ha ha ha.. more like nightlife.. or not as the case may be..

so do you like these.. I do.. memories of '77.. can you remember what you were doing then.. if you can, as they say, you weren't having a good time Reminds me of a line from the Boy from Oz.. Peter Allen is going to the Gold Coast here in Australia, to work as a young lad.. I think about 16 or 17 years of age.. his mother says, oh no that place is sex, drugs and rock and roll,, and he replies.. Mum I hope you are telling the truth..

But seriously,, lets talk stamps..
1) the 24 hour stamp chat marathon starts in 6 days time. join me ok visit for details

2) I leave for UK in 4 days time .. if you want any stamps to be sent to you and you are prepapred to pay the costs please let me know in next two days

3) I will only write a few more blogs before I leave, so if there are any subjects you want me to write about please let me know soon.

Oh, and to win this cover.. what noun do you use to describe a group of otters..

Hey, who ever said stamp collecting was boring email me at 20th entry gets the cover ( chance for all you slow coaches ) Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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