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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Owls on stamps... and more .. as usual :-)

Hello, how was your day? hot here again.. how nice.. and so good for my tan

Did find time to look through a few stamps.. clearing off the dinning room table so we could have dinner at the table for a change... well a few times a year is nice don't you think

Found these.. on an envelope.. still quite nice although opened since it was sent to me earlier this year..

Maybe you collect owls on stamps.. I imagine someone does.. or birds.... it is yours.. first email to with a mailing address so I can send it to you..

On blogs about stamps .. I have one blog I do read occassionally.. I have not mentioned this one recently but I was reading it today and the article about the new US stamps "love and kisses" I think it was.. and interesting series.. from way back.. I forget the year Love stamps were first issued but if you look at you will find out for yourself.

The other day I mentioned someones writing and I didn't know who it was.. or did I.. seems I do.. by association.. oops.. I am useless with names .. anyway I mentioned and it seems this is the same guy that writes stamp collecting round up.. the first link I gave you to look at. I am pretty slow at times.. Now one more things.. this guy has also written about the IPDA on his blog.. how cool.. so thanks Don.. you are a star. and I am a bit slow .. my only excuse .. is....... I forget .. ha ha ha ha

Now if you are a seller / dealer.. and you are not a member of the IPDA I will forgive you for now.. but look at our blog.. I did mention this the other night.. you could have me write about you there.. if you were a member of course..

Finally, I know eveyone is time poor.. so am I.. honestly.. but if you prioritise the use of your time.. 15 minutes each night.. that is all.. while partner is cooking dinner (dream on) or you are waiting for the pizza to arrive read the IPDA blog and then my blog of course.. and every other night one of the blogs I show in my links.. how entertained will you be... gotta go.. pizza is here.. Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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