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Saturday, October 21, 2006

National Stamp week

Hello, tonight a mini sheet.. National Stamp week in 1980.. found a few of these while sorting through a box of stamps. I have two to give away.. read on..

Did you read about my offer the other day.. I made up some more packets... 250 plus Australia .. recent on paper fine and close cut so you are not paying postage for paper.. plus two FDC cat at the value of what you pay anyway.. including postage.. US $6... and I had the local postmaster handfrank my sendings today.. a couple left.. please buy.. help me pay my Christmas card postage hey, and you will be on my Christmas card list.. which is worth it I think email me at to make an order.

So you have made it this far, you deserve a copy of that mini sheet... but since I have only two to give away.. first two emails to telling me why the stamps on this mini sheet are different from the stamps that where issued in normal sheets...... this will test you ..........picture of stamps from normal sheet in a few days.. enjoy your stamps.. and this research.. something I bet you never thought of ... Michael


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