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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hello, two topics today: first the GB Christmas stamps.. what do you think.. Very Christmassy if you live in the northern hemisphere.. not like this in Australia and many other places of course.

I won’t go into detail about the stamps – you have either already read that or you might want to visit one of my favourite sites Ian at Norvic Philatelics always has the detail and in a very well presentable form.

How about that Virtual Stamp Exhibition I wrote about some time back . I have seen it written up in a few places and I repeat again in case you missed my earlier write up.

Quezon Philatelic Club (Philippines) is hosting this philatelic exhibition –called QUEZONPEX 3.

The goal of the exhibition is to "showcase outstanding philatelic exhibits, to provide valuable ideas in philatelic exhibiting, and to foster friendship among the exhibitors."

Interested exhibitors can e-mail their 16-page SCANNED exhibit, in its original size – JPEG File with at least 300 dpi resolution to

You can also mail a CD-R to ALBERTO Z. ALCALA, St. John Street, Reymar Compound, 4301, Lucena City, Philippines

For more information and to see some of the exhibits that are already up on the Web site go to You will even see my blog logo . Have a read of the virtual seminar if you are interested in learning about creating an exhibition entry.

Scroll down the home page to see the catalogue of entries - yes my GB George V 1911-12 Downey Head 1/2d collection is there :-) but there are many better exhibits to see … a lovely display by Nigel Gooding of the first three Spanish –Philippine issues, and another I enjoyed looking at is Adrian Keppel’s exhibit of Switzerland and the first series of stamps depicting the Alps. Beautiful stamps I think you will agree.

Well that is enough for one day – time to go and get some sun :-) Enjoy your stamps. Michael


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