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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween stories..........and Christmas of course

It is halloween here in Sydney. we live off the beaten track so to speak, so we don't get children coming to our door trick and treating... When I lived in a residential neighbourhood I always wanted to give them stamps and say hey enjoy this wonderful hobby, instead of sweets and cookies, but of course I never did. I conformed like we all do I guess.

So do you have a halloween story, something funny or scary that happened to you?

I remember years ago when we lived in Toronto we bought these masks - scary they were, and when we opened the front door the children screamed when they saw us.. ha ha ha ha.. we had fun.. but of course we always gave them a lolly bag if they had not run to far down the driveway.

Tell me your story.. best one in my humble opinion will win this GB Christmas cover. Rather nice. Images of Christmas, but not the Australian kind of course.

These are so much more interesting than the two Australia Christmas stamps which I bought today.. how boring.. same old same old....... I won't even show them, I'd rather show stamps from your country. I have had a few links sent to me and would like more. So please send me scans of links to your Christmas stamps when they are available. After all Christmas is only, what, 7 weeks away.. I finished making my Christmas cards today.. if you get one I hope you like it... and you wont get one if I don't have your mailing address

just email me your story for the GB Cover, and please include your mailing address..

Best wishes.. enjoy your stamps... Michael


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