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Thursday, October 12, 2006

GB Penny Red with blued paper

Hello, something different tonight. I was sorting through some material people have sent me for a RR but since I had no takers for the RR I am going to auction this and various other lots ( money will go to IPDA by the way.. not me) and came across this rather grubby envelope... but with a lovely stamp on it and nice frankings on the reverse side of the envelope

You can clearly see the blued paper I think, even from this scan.

The franking is 28th August 1841, some 15 months after the first stamp issue - the penny black in May 1840.

I dont have time to check Alphabet, or Die and cannot see watermark but I would guess this is SG 8a .. Nice Rochdale franking and also Tarbert ( anyone know where that is??? )

There is also another cancellation in red which has the letters C 27 M in the middle - you can just make this out in the top right hand corner above - any experts out there that can help identify this?

For a prize tonight who will be the first to tell me the name given to the franking on the stamp itself? email me at and please include your mailing address.

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes.. Michael


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