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Saturday, July 08, 2006

GB stamps high Cat Value . as a prize tonight

Hello, well how good is a weekend when you have some time to yourself. Yes time to look at, clean and catalogue some stamps.

First though, this morning I picked up my mail and found some stamps from gbmachins. A donation to my Childrens Corner. Many Thanks, and for those of you who collect GB do have a look at his site. I have given the url before.. tonight I will take you straight to his directory. If you have not looked at this you must. What he doesn't know about machins is probably not worth knowing have a look at

Which reminds me,. Do you sell stamps .. even part time or occassionally on eBay or some other auction site . I know I have asked this before but I think there are new readers all the time so forgive me for asking again.

If you do, please tell me what philatelic organisations you belong to. I would like to hear from you. email me at and tell me what groups and why.

And.... have you heard about or thought of joining the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association - IPDA..... I am a Director, as some of you will know, and the guy at gbmachins is as well.

We promote high standards when selling on the internet and we feel that membership in the IPDA is an endorsement that is of value to you if you are selling on the internet. Have a look at you might be surprised.

And if you like to talk stamps keep checking the web site because we are having a marathon 24 hour chat soon.. people from around the world join in over the 24 hours and you get to talk to the IPDA Directors.. including me.. .. hey you might enjoy it .. no!!.... you will enjoy it, I promise

Ok some stamps.. what is the set I show above?
easy if you know your GB stamps............ but to win you have to tell me
1. what stamp is missing
2. what was the issue date of the stamp that is missing
3. what was the colour of the stamp as defined by Stanley Gibbons and
4. what is the SG watermark reference

I will only accept correct entries for all four parts. Cat Value is £40 for the set. These are not very fine used, more like average used but still a nice addition to your collection I hope. No short perfs that I saw and no faults or thinning.

I will draw a winner next Friday... so if you only check the blog everynow and again don't think you have missed out.. enter.. you could win.. but please, on your entry, please add your mailing address... email the entry to cddstamps@gmailcom

Have a great weekend.. enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.. Michael


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