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Monday, June 12, 2006

interesting dates...........

Hi.. internet drop outs all yesterday so no blog and now I cannot get into my cddstamps weblog.. so short piece.. following on from my 06-06-06 piece, Adrian sent me this scan and the information about this issue based on 02-02-2002!!!!

It was the date of the marriage of the crown prince of the Netherlands. The design was based largely on all those 2's, with the red, white and blue being the Dutch flag and the orange being 'The House of Orange' and the silver giving it a royal sheen. interesting I thought.

Also I received a letter from Singapore dated 06-06-06, how wonderful of you Florence to think of me.. I am so pleased. Thank you, and also for the stamps for the Childrens Corner.

Hope to get back to my main site later. Best wishes.. Michael


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