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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hello everyone. ......... first an apology for few typos last night.. all corrected now.. I was just getting too excited when I was writing about the politicans and the world cup

But only a few replies to my quiz question.. was it that hard or is no one interested in England.. ok understandable ... but the stamps are winners dont you think

I said I got some treasures in my PO Box yesterday. Here is one of them. Not high cat value but all the same a nice addition to anyones collection, especially if you collect GB booklets, or just the panes as catalogued.

This is one of the 1978 Farm Buildings series of 10p booklets of which there were 6 different designs issued. The booklet pane is SG X843m.

I have 6 to give away courtesy of Roy Simpson at GBMachins -

I have mentioned his web site before and if you collect GB stamps do have a look. He has a brilliant site by my reckoning...I only wsh I could create what he does. and he is a Director of the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association, in case this is new to you ) so you know you are ok with anything you buy from him.

Yes shameless plug for the IPDA but you do need to know if you are buying from someone, to fill a special gap, that they have some credentials.

Anyway, less of my ramblings..... anyone want one of these booklets just email me at with the name of the places in which the Farm building are found..

there are 5.. ok.. the 6th booklet is just Oast Houses.. so I am looking for 5 names.. well 4 I guess as you can see one.. Wales on this scan.

well maybe you cannot read that .. the type face on the booklet is quite small... I do try to make it easy for you ok 4 places

Enjoy the research ,, and first entry that also gives me the dates of issue of each booklet will get a GB FDC as a bonus..

Enoy your stamps.. hope you all had a great weekend.. Michael


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