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Monday, June 19, 2006

Australia ..missed goals 6.. Brazil.. goals scored 2

Hello everyone ..... does the subject just say it all.. so I was wrong with my prediction.. but then had they been better at scoring I may still have been wrong.. Australia may have won....
nothing to do with stamps.. but then it is the World Cup after all

to stamps.. so few of you writing to me all of a sudden.. are you all watching the world cup.. oh there I go again.. the World Cup again

ok stamps.. have you seen the auction lots.. some real good starting bids here. I am looking at few myself and please dont bid on them ok

I dont usually mention eBay lots but these are pretty good in my humble opinion.

Do you sell on eBay? .. are you a member of the IPDA ?

I have written about this before and I hope you have had time to think about joining if you do sell..

I made some offer I seem to recall.. well I was going to .. sign up for the IPDA and you will get a few free plugs on my blog.. and I am getting over 700 pages views a day now..most days .. and that is even with the World Cup going on.. there I go again..back to soccer.

Ok so who has some soccer stamps, commemorating the 2006 World Cup of course, they want to share with me I will go out on a limb here.. everyone who sends me a scan of the stamps issued by their country (with the exception of UK and Australia as I have already shown those stamps)

I will ............
a) post to the blog for everyone to see and
b) send you a free GB FDC as a thank you.

How good is that. I hope I have enough covers to go round.. you must send me your mailing address..ok.. email the scans to

Enjoy the World Cup.. and your stamps.. I look forward to hearing from you....Michael


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