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Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Earthquake special....

Hello, been a while, sorry been rather busy somehow. Hope this finds everyone well. I will be in Sydney in 8 days for a couple of weeks, this to say any order from cddstamps on Hipstamp for Australia or New Zealand customers will be mailed from the airport on arrival. faster delivery for you for sure and......

we just listed a few more Australia we found while sorting through some boxes. had forgot all about them something there might interest you. and finally. .........

we are having to close the office -- and doing it while while I am away -- to get earthquake repairs done. timely really but had to be done, walls are a mess and builders / repair people are booked. bloody bad earthquake this last one.. lots of shaking gone on as they say. and we are offering a 10% discount on stamp orders ( ie excludes postage) of $10 or more. just a little incentive.. perhaps a chance to treat yourself to an early Christmas present. Thanks Hope to see you in the Store before we leave for Sydney on 18th


Friday, August 26, 2022

Hello. I hope this finds you well and enjoying life and your stamps.   It has been a busy month for us here at cddstamps – we listed over 1500 stamps to the online store, including Australia, Ethiopia, St. Vincent, Philippines, a few GB, and some Ireland.   Maybe something there for you to fill a few gaps in your collection.

Mentioning Australia,  I am  travelling from early next week and will be in Sydney from Friday.  So, any orders for our Australian customers will be mailed from Sydney  on arrival.   Fast delivery time for sure!. The store will remain open and orders should still be shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

Have a wonderful month of September,  Autumn to some, Spring to others, but whatever and wherever, stay safe, enjoy your stamps and we look forward to seeing you in the store.

Best wishes  ….. Michael    

And PS, please don't forget our partner store in the US   where  we also stock a good range of GB and British Commonwealth as well as Europe.  Our US and Canadian customers are getting very fast deliveries from orders we see placed there.   last month we listed some 600 stamps from Bermuda, British Guiana, Hong Kong, GB, Malaya Federated States and North Borneo, Germany and Hungary.


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Hello,  I am still here,  survived a Richter 7 earthquake,  all rooms  with superficial cracks in the walls  but most importantly the stamp inventory is fine :-)  My wife is fine as well,   Thanks for asking!! :-)

Ok let's show a stamp or three and to promote sales from the store - sales have been very slow of late - we will send a free pair of cddstamps tongs - as below image - for every order of $5 stamp value.   ....valid from now until  let's say Friday 19th August -  a week from now.  Just  send a message to us with your order using the Ask a Question button and say you saw  this promo on our blog.

What do you collect?  How about Bermuda. We loaded a  few more to the store recently. Here is something  I doubt you have......  3 copies of  SG 122 (Scott 129) with different overprint positions and shades. Nice addition we think and only asking $1.95.  

And the tongs,  a cddstamps special and we use them every day  - never use another style after using these.

we have also loaded more Hong Kong, Philippines,  Ethiopia  some nice stamps there which we are rather pleased with, and even a few GB and others but I forget where.

We look forward to welcoming you in the store   and becoming a cddstamps customer.

Best wishes  stay safe and enjoy your stamps   Michael

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

I am  very proud to post this.  Thank you to all our customers around the world.  Why not become one of them. I think you will be very pleased.


Wednesday, June 01, 2022

 A new buying opportunity for collectors -


The “Used Stamp Collector” and “cddstamps” are pleased to announce a partnership which they believe will offer collectors a new opportunity to fill gaps in their collections.

At the time of writing 4000 + listings have been added to the  “Used Stamp Collector” store  over 2000 of which are from cddstamps GB and  British Commonwealth inventory. The other 2000 are mostly from the Europe stock of the “Used Stamp Collector”.

We look forward to welcoming you to our store and becoming a customer

We are both accredited Internet Philatelic Dealer Association members and confident we offer a useful range of Europe, GB and British Commonwealth stamps that are well described and competitively priced.

George,  The Used stamp Collector and Michael,  cddstamps

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

cddstamps Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt in cddstamps store – win $100 of stamps from our store - join the fun

Do you want to win $100 of stamps?  Just buy $10 of stamps from our store over the Easter weekend,  starting now until close of business  Easter Monday 18th April –  yes we have a long “Holy Week” here -  and you are qualified to enter the Easter Egg Hunt.  

Hopefully you will enjoy looking through our store as well.  Find the Easter egg, send a message  to  us with your order, however you wish  or using the  Hipstamp  Question  button and tell us the Listing ID of the stamp with the Easter Egg.  There is only one correct answer. Think carefully. :-)

On Tuesday 19th we will draw one winner from all entries. Sorry, but anyone posting the answer on the Hipstamp Message Forum or here will be disqualified so please don’t ruin  the fun of the search for us or others.

The winner can then buy $100 of stamps and get an immediate refund of $100.  Buy $80 and get an $80 and keep the extra $20 for a future purchase.

Have a peaceful, happy,  perhaps even chocolate filled and philatelic, Easter.


Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Ides of March … 20% off Special   from cddstamps a brief interruption to normal programming / posting

Buyer Beware – well actually you do not need to worry.    Supposedly one needs to worry about the Ides of March.   Well Julius Caesar should have, according to history….. but don’t you worry ……  unless you want to worry about missing out on a cddstamps Ides of March special offering.  

20% discount for every order place by 15th March.  Start building your wants list now in your Cart and then when 15th March comes around in your time zone just click the Proceed to Check out.

Cool and easy…….. and with apology to Shakespeare…………  

Caesar: What collector is that? Set him before me, let him see my stamps.

Don’t be dismissed  as Caesar did,

Caesar:  He is a dreamer; let us leave him to miss our stamps.

Don’t be that dreamer, come, please enjoy visiting our store

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