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Friday, May 28, 2021

Hello,  welcome to the weekend.   What a busy week it has been.  Some philatelic activities and some just..... well doing what one does.   Sorted a lot of stamps to try to get the inventory back up in the store.

Here is one we think GB collectors might like.  A new 2021 Security Machin.  We have a few received this week from our source in the UK.

and we found some New Zealand stamps -  some officials and this rather nice Sheetlet.  Should be in the store in a few days.

Finally,  another  we listed just because it was there.  and there are a few like this     Fiscal used George V stamp  SG 370  ( Die II)  .  used for payment of  some bill  or whatever..    perhaps of interest to a postal history collection   with date 1925.   Rather nice oddity perhaps.

Have a lovely philatelic weekend   Michael -  visit our store for the USA Memorial Day weekend Specials here 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Hello,    just finished loading some more Trinidad and Tobago to the online store.   Some  nice stamps we think and with some of the more difficult to find, including for example a few perf varieties and glazed papers.   If you have time this weekend we would be most pleased to see you in the store.

This shown is the 1972 issue, SG 353a  perf 14.    Scott doe snot list this perf as far as I can tell but I am happy to be corrected   Scott normal perf is SC# 158.   One thing to note for new visitors we do our best to show both front and reverse of the stamps so you can buy - if you wish - with confidence.

Have a brilliant weekend   michael

Friday, May 07, 2021

Hello,  another weekend is here.  I have no idea  how or why time goes by so fast.  Perhaps enjoying time with stamps helps.

 These past weeks we have been adding to the online store.  

What do you  collect?    maybe Australia?    just by example we really like these.

Have a wonderful, safe, happy and philatelic weekend.

Michael cddstamps 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Welcome to the weekend.    I decided to show two stamps -  hopefully they need no further comment. 

One is listed in the cddstamps online store, the other is listed in an online marketplace. 

Quite frankly it is embarrassing to me that someone would even think to list "the other"  stamp for sale.  That a  person would have the audacity to list such a stamp for sale shocks me. Yes, it annoys me. What level of integrity do they have?  What respect for the stamp collector?  

It embarrasses me that collectors have to this to see and perhaps it even gives them cause to question the credibility of stamp sellers at large.   Yes, I have heard that said, even though I know there are many, very many, very honest and highly respected sellers out there.

Ok you might be thinking anyone with any common sense will immediately see the rubbish for what it is. But still, that might not always be the case, or, less than experienced or new collectors just might not know.

If you are a new collector, learn from respectable stamp sellers, learn who are  respectable sellers.  Maybe even read my book, "Caveat Emptor and other advice for philatelists"    eBook available from here  or the softcopy with a review  available here.

Have a safe weekend; have an enjoyable and rewarding philatelic weekend.  


PS: stamp on left for sale at USD $1.95,   rust bucket on right for sale at USD $2.77.   

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Hello,   is this nice?  We think so.  From our Downey Head stock and now available in the online store.

Lots more with different town cancels if that is one of your collecting interests.  Also quite a good selection of watermarks and shades by SG number  and with Scott references.

 Enjoy looking around. We look forward to welcoming you to cddstamps

Michael         ps  ....  have you visited the website recently?  read about  our book  --if you are a relatively new collector you might find it useful.  eBook and softcopy available.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Hello,   I hope this finds  everyone fine and in good health. This corona virus is very annoying - one way of putting it!   Many of our local neighbourhoods are in lock down now. Oh well.  stamps keeps us occupied for sure.


Something different. This envelope.   I cannot see anything special about it from a flight perspective - do correct me if I am wrong - but I did think the address was interesting.   Our trip to New York last year was cancelled due corona virus. One day we will return. I love the place.  Anyway, this is what I think is an interesting address and one we will  definitely visit.

The building is shown below, an old picture and a more modern one. Rather beautiful building I think you might agree and wonderful that it is still there after all these years.

881-887 Broadway at 19th Street in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, lies within the Ladies Miles Historic District. The building takes up the entire block of 19th Street to Fifth Avenue, where its address is 115 Fifth Avenue. Originally built as the Arnold Constable Dry Goods Store in 1868-1869 and extended in 1873 and 1877, the building was designed by Griffith Thomas. The Broadway façade is marble, while the Fifth Avenue façade is cast iron. The building features a 2-story mansard roof - and a rather stunning one that has to be seen in my view.

All this from a few stamps on an old airmail envelope.   What a brilliant hobby.  

And please don’t forget to visit us at cddstamps.


Monday, April 05, 2021

Hello and welcome to the cddstamps blog.  A rather rewarding  hour today sorting some stamps for  children who wrote to us in response to our Children's Corner.  We even managed to get the stamps mailed as we found a Post Office open.     Easter Monday is not a public  holiday here but our local Post Office is closed because of the  local corona virus cases  but we were in  town for some essential food shopping and used the main office. 

Ok that is boring...:-)   but hey that is life these days.   Fortunately with stamps we are able to enjoy time locked in doors most of the time.  Hope you can enjoy your  stamp collections as much. 

And, if you know children who would like to start collecting or are just starting, please check out our Children's Corner  from here    or visit us here if you want to help

 Have a lovely day   Michael cddstamps

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