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Monday, February 11, 2019

Hello, yes I finally made some time to write and show you some stamps. These I rather like. They are for Valentines day from the Philippines as I think you can tell.

They are in a sheetlet of course but with pairs se-tenant showing the King and Queen of Hearts. I think Phil Post have done a nice job. How challenging must it be to come up with something new, year after year, for Valentines day stamps.

These stamps feature the Filipino King and Queen of hearts in national costumes to show the Filipino ways of celebrating the "Araw ng mga Puso' which means hearts day or Valentines day in tagalog. The image is meant to display the King giving his heart to his Queen and in return the Queen gives her words of endearment as an expression of her love for the King.

Happy Valentines day Enjoy your stamps Michael

Friday, February 08, 2019

Hello, something I doubt many of you will see. A 200 peso stamp.  Local mail here is 12 peso and up so this is a very high face value stamp. I was in Manila earlier this week and visited the Central Post Office for my supply of stamps that I use of my order mailings. One of our local Post Offices has no stamps, only labels and the other very rarely gets  anything other than the basic low value stamps - which require too many to go on an order mailing.  So a regular trip to Manila  is required - combined with shopping for the CEO of course! Anyway, a  rather nice stamp.    Have a great weekend   Michael

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you have a look at past writings as there are some interesting pieces for you to learn from. Well we hope so.

If you have a few gaps in your collection, or want to improve your collection please visit our website and see what countries we stock in our Hipstamp online store. If you are looking to fill some gaps in your Great Britain or British Commonwealth collections or you want to treat yourself to a Valentines Day present. You can buy just the one stamp you might need to complete a set, you do not have to buy the complete set. You might want to add a better copy of a stamp, or a Mint Never Hinged copy to improve your collection or a postage cancel that help improve your collection. Have a look and see how we can help you improve and enjoy your collection.

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We try to list between 5 and 10 copies of a given stamp and we select the postal cancel, where we can, to ensure the stamp shows it was used in the period it was issued or it is a nice clean cancel. Not always possible especially as many stamps were generally only used on parcels or larger envelopes and not machine cancelled, but we do try to list what we think will look good in your collection. We believe collectors want to have postally used copies in their collection that are from the period the stamps were issued and not reused 20 years later as is so often the case these days.

Anyway Enjoy your stamps. We are away in Manila for a few days from tomorrow and will be coming back with some nice new issues to show you :-)

See you soon. Michael

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Hello and welcome to Australia Day. Perhaps I should be showing something from Australia but I have been looking at GB Regionals again and thought I would keep with that theme.

In a recent piece I wrote about the redrawn eye of the dragon on a GB Wales regional stamp. I commented about the catalogue price difference and how important I think it is to know about these differences and check for them.

Continuing this theme let’s look at this stamp from Northern Ireland. SG NI 43, the 17p grey blue on phosphorised paper issued in 1984. I was not aware there were two types to this stamp. But as I was checking I found both Types in my stock.

Try as I might I cannot get a scan of the differences from the actual stamps so am using the image from the SG Concise catalogue. see image below - Type one shown to the left has the crown with all the pearls individually drawn, that is they are not touching, while Type II - issued in 1986 and SG NI 43Ea - has the first three pearls on the left of the crown joined. There are a few other differences to look for but this one is very clearly seen with a good magnifying glass.

All very nice I hear you say again. Even nicer when you see the catalogue prices of the Type II stamp is £150 versus £0.80 for the Type I issue. Check your stamps. Perhaps you have a gap in your collection :-) or something of higher value than you realised.

enjoy your stamps...........Michael one place you can fill a few gaps in your collection and with confidence

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hello, As you can see from the image, I have been sorting. I have been meaning to do this for years, but since I have been listing more Machins to the Online store I decided to look through a few boxes for more GB Regionals. I have plenty in stock albums but given there are some rather high catalogue perfs and redrawn printings I thought why not look to see what else I can find. I had forgotten the number of packets I had and well you know how it is, once you get started it is fun so why stop.

Then this comment, Mr Dodd you do realise we have people coming for dinner tonight. Ooooops. Table needs to be cleaned doesn't it. Well it is now, all in stock albums where they should be and I live to sort another day :-)

Then I thought what is your caption to the image? It would make a fun competition perhaps. So here it is. I will send 100 different Machins to whoever comes up with the best - as by my judgement - caption to this image. Send me your words by February 1st to and include your mailing address - no address no possible chance of winning as I will not be able to mail the stamps to you. Perhaps you will get a nice Valentines gift!

And, if you are short of a Machin or two, GB or England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales Regionals please visit the Online Store. and enjoy seeing what we have on offer. Of visit us here to see the other British Commonwealth countries we stock. Over 38,000 listing and 10,700+ feedbacks.

Enjoy your philately Michael

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hello, I thought these might be interesting for readers to see and learn about, just in case you are not aware of this redrawn design variation, and especially if you do not have a detailed catalogue. These two are from Wales, the regional UK issue from 1984 and 1986 respectively. On the face of it a fairly common stamp but a stamp worth studying because of the redrawn design of the eyes of the dragon.

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue listing for the above stamp is SG W44 ( Scott WMMH30 ) This was the 1984 issue and is an all over phosphor coated paper.

The 1986 issue is SG W44Ea ( Scott WMMH30a) and is the 1986 issue. as I hope you can see from the scan the 1984 issue has the eye of the dragon closed or complete as described in the catalogue whereas the 1986 redrawn printing has the eye with an opening.

All very interesting, you may say, but look at the catalogue pricing, SG W44 is GBP £0.80 and W44Ea is £50. There are various other stamps in the definitive issues from 197 to 1998 like this bit this is the best example with a significant catalogue difference. And anyway, I think it is enjoyable to study your stamps and find the various printings.

Enjoy your stamps, Michael

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Happy New Year, I hope it is a brilliant year for you. Happy and healthy and always rewarding.

I just saw this stamp while sorting through some Bahamas stock. I don't think it needs me to say anymore. It says it all, and with an aviation theme, albeit a plane from many years ago - it is a BAC 111.

I flew a lot on these back in the UK in the 1970's aaaarrrrgghh.... reminiscing those fun days . :-)

see you during the year I hope Michael

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