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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Hello   let’s look at a stamp from Ascension today. This one is from the 1938 George VI pictorial issue. This issue shows the pictorial images of the George V issue which were reprinted for George VI with his image, and some colour changes.

This stamp shows The Pier.  Nothing like what it might look like today I would imagine.

It is one of the main buildings of the Capital town of Georgetown. The town is named after King George III  (of England), who reigned at the time the island was claimed for Britain and garrisoned by the Admiralty in 1815.

Ascension Island is an island in the South Atlantic Ocean and part of the British overseas  territory of Saint Helena and Tristan de Cunha. It issues its own postage stamps these days  largely for revenue from thematic collectors.

Today the island is the location of a RAF station, a European Space Agency rocket tracking station, an Anglo-American signals intelligence facility along with the a U.S. Space Force ground tracking station in support of the Eastern Range and rocket launches from Cape Canaveral Space Force in Florida  and the BBC world service Atlantic Relay Station. – according to my reading at least.   I am happy to be corrected of course.  I don’t believe it is somewhere you go to for a holiday !

But look at the stamp closely.  What is the postal cancel?  Yes it is part of the word Ascension. I was hoping for more from research on postal cancels of Ascension Island but have found nothing to share.   I welcome  thoughts at

More British Commonwealth stamps  to enjoy viewing from

Hello,  yes I have been on sabbatical so to speak.  Had nothing to motivate me to write but I do now and I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the stamps I will be showing and talking about over the coming weeks and months.

These stamps are from a brilliant  website that  has been developed by a friend of mine.   You will enjoy it I am sure.    Not just for a quick look but as a site to go back to many times I think, for various information.     Images of stamps from British Commonwealth countries, from which I will be showing some as I say over the coming weeks and months, but also catalogue details and watermark images.

Over time more images will be added. It is a life project really, with so much to reward the visitor I think.

The first stamp I have chosen to show is from Aden, from the 1953 QE II definitive issue and showing the classic Dhow. This traditional sailing vessel with one or more masts with settee or sometimes lateen sails was used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region. Historians speculate that the dhow was either invented by Arabs or Indians and they were originally fishing or trading vessels used mostly to carry items such as fruit, fresh water or other goods, along the coasts of the Arab countries, as well as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and East Africa.

I am back enjoying writing about stamps. I hope you enjoy this series. I welcome comments of course at



Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Hello, something different. I would like to talk about the Philatelic Register - for your information. But first a question. Drop me a line at if you have  thoughts

What stamp magazines do you read?  Why do you read that one, or them if many, and not others?   


A couple of reasons for asking.  I received an email which copied me on a promotion from the Stamp Collector - all very nice and interesting until I read the costs involved for taking out advertising space.  Obviously manageable for many I guess.  I am sure the people running these magazines and their philatelic initiatives  - some of which seem very good by the way - have high overheads and operating circumstances  which are also sadly  impacted by Covid,  but it crossed my mind, are they really only just  thinking of the “top of the line” dealers?


That  to led me to introducing the Philatelic Register to you.    Do you subscribe?  In my humble opinion it is well worth subscribing.  And, it is free.  No catches.    Subscribe for free here.    This twice monthly publication is by an IPDA member so quality is guarenteed.   


It is a breath of fresh air in my view.  It is already a success even after just a few issues.  This judging by the number of subscribers it already has and the dealers who are showing their businesses.  


The articles cover aspects of philately and related fields of interest including postal history, postal stationery, postcards, ephemera. They are extremely interesting, and I have every confidence they will continue to be.


And that is not all – the - the accompanying selling platform for online stamp stores is what the philatelic community has needed for a long time. A site where only accredited sellers can open a store – and again for free - and the quality of the material being listed is monitored.


As you might expect from a site which only allows accredited sellers, the quality of the material is high. This gives collectors the opportunity to buy quality with confidence. More importantly, in many dealers minds, this gives  collectors a chance to browse material without having to spend  time scrolling through pages of  - how shall I put this politely -  let’s just say poor quality stamps.  You all know what I mean. 


The Philatelic Register and the Philatelic really are a breath of fresh air in this internet age. Give them a try. One sure way to  get as a collector and deliver as a seller quality from internet philately philately. And as a seller you can advertise quality and frequency of advertising to a growing audience at a very reasonable cost.  A breath of fresh air!

  Best wishes  Michael  

Saturday, August 07, 2021

 I am back.. :-) you probably didn't even know I was away.. but that is ok. I am not going to be a drama queen. hahahah hospital was ok but it is good to be home and able to concentrate in front of a computer again.

So how about this beautiful stamp.  We just loaded some stunning  North Borneo to the store.   Even had a few sales already so please don't procrastinate.  Our quality is very good  and always fully described and with images of the reverse, and all mint stamps always come in mounts, usually black mounts. We care about quality and protecting the stamps as  many of you will know.

Anyway,  sales have been awful while I was in hospital - not surprisingly of course as I had to put the store on "vacation" so if you have some gaps in your collection I would be thrilled to see you in the store -   for the North Borneo and some Aden and of course we have over 36,000 stamps and over 26,000 nice feedbacks.   Hope to see you.

Enjoy, have a lovely weekend everyone and stay safe   Michael  cddstamps

Thursday, July 15, 2021

 .... if you are a new collector to this wonderful hobby or  perhaps still learning about stamps as you build your collection. please tell me you have done some reading to  understand the basics, especially about the condition  of stamps.   Stanley Gibbons and Scott, the two catalogues I am familiar with,  have excellent material at the start of their catalogues  explaining stamp condition.  You can read plenty just from a google search.   Or you can read my website and details of my book  that covers this in so many ways.

Why do I write this? - because it upsets me when I see so much rubbish listed on internet philatelic portals. I pray no one pays money for some of what I see.  They are  literally throwing their money away on most of the material.

Yes there are space fillers for sometime more difficult stamps, and yes you might be happy with something that is less than perfect but do know the difference between rubbish and a spacefiller. 

In the future you might want to pass on your collection, or even think about selling it, or your family might want to sell it one day.  You or they are going to be one hell of a mad bunny when you find out what you have is junk.

It is not only in the image, read the details assuming there are some.    let the writing of the seller tell you something. 

Sadly in this day and age  anyone can list anything on the internet and even appear to be doing the right thing, but in my humble opinion  if they were 100%  genuine and really knew about stamps  they would put the stamp(s )in the bin. 

There are no quality controls when selling stamps on the internet. Only the quality control you decide.  You the buyer must be aware.  This is the reality about selling  and buying  I guess not only stamps but whatever on the internet.  

Publishing fake news and many other activities are either frowned upon, accepted as wrong or even punishable, yet listing stamps for sale that are wrongly described, poorly described, incompletely described, use whatever words you wish,   - stamps that are listed and even supposedly without a deliberate intent to defraud - although I would question that from  many sellers I read -   that is ok. 

It shouldn't be but it is.  Enjoy your  stamp collecting. There are 100s of us who care and who are stamp sellers you can trust.  Michael 

click the image to enlarge for detail


Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Hello,   I know, I have not written for so long.  ..... not been thinking in writing mode...  just a coping mood at the moment. Then today I was  checking I had the correct Scott  reference for  some Machins we are listing in the store -   need to top up every now and again  and decided  that some nice, very clean mint Never Hinged Machins would do...... and  look what I found.  Doesn't it just restore the faith in human nature, NOT ... that someone could list these two.   same seller...........    an embarrassment to every collector and seller of stamps...  if you collect  garbage there are hundreds more to be had.

Ok, I know I am wrong...  it is not for me to call out what people collect, or what people sell.    But  seriously people, this is waste paper.

  enjoy your philately, how ever you do.  Michael


Friday, May 28, 2021

Hello,  welcome to the weekend.   What a busy week it has been.  Some philatelic activities and some just..... well doing what one does.   Sorted a lot of stamps to try to get the inventory back up in the store.

Here is one we think GB collectors might like.  A new 2021 Security Machin.  We have a few received this week from our source in the UK.

and we found some New Zealand stamps -  some officials and this rather nice Sheetlet.  Should be in the store in a few days.

Finally,  another  we listed just because it was there.  and there are a few like this     Fiscal used George V stamp  SG 370  ( Die II)  .  used for payment of  some bill  or whatever..    perhaps of interest to a postal history collection   with date 1925.   Rather nice oddity perhaps.

Have a lovely philatelic weekend   Michael -  visit our store for the USA Memorial Day weekend Specials here 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Hello,    just finished loading some more Trinidad and Tobago to the online store.   Some  nice stamps we think and with some of the more difficult to find, including for example a few perf varieties and glazed papers.   If you have time this weekend we would be most pleased to see you in the store.

This shown is the 1972 issue, SG 353a  perf 14.    Scott doe snot list this perf as far as I can tell but I am happy to be corrected   Scott normal perf is SC# 158.   One thing to note for new visitors we do our best to show both front and reverse of the stamps so you can buy - if you wish - with confidence.

Have a brilliant weekend   michael

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