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Monday, April 05, 2021

Hello and welcome to the cddstamps blog.  A rather rewarding  hour today sorting some stamps for  children who wrote to us in response to our Children's Corner.  We even managed to get the stamps mailed as we found a Post Office open.     Easter Monday is not a public  holiday here but our local Post Office is closed because of the  local corona virus cases  but we were in  town for some essential food shopping and used the main office. 

Ok that is boring...:-)   but hey that is life these days.   Fortunately with stamps we are able to enjoy time locked in doors most of the time.  Hope you can enjoy your  stamp collections as much. 

And, if you know children who would like to start collecting or are just starting, please check out our Children's Corner  from here    or visit us here if you want to help

 Have a lovely day   Michael cddstamps

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Hello and welcome again to cddstamps.   Some lovely stamps from Burma just loaded to the online store.  

Some very clean used, which is good to see as there are so many with heavy cancels - we have a few of those of course although at lower prices, and some lovely Mint  with very light trace of a previous hinge.

This from the 1949 UPU 75th anniversary issue showing the UPU monument in Berne 

Have a lovely Easter / Holy Week  / weekend  and if you have some time for stamps please visit our store.   We are very proud to say we have over 23,000   very nice positive feedbacks. - to give you confidence.

 Have a lovely weekend   Michael


Monday, March 08, 2021


We are working to list some of our Bahrain stock into the online store. I came across this and thought  how lovely it is.  A really  interesting stamp.  One of the 1938- 41 George VI series.


Some background. Bahrain was under British protection from 1861-1971 and used a variety of stamps: Indian stamps from 1884 to 1933, overprinted Indian issues 1933-48, overprinted British issues 1948-60 and its own designs from 1960. 


A nice issue with some expensive stamps in the issue.   If this and more from Bahrain interests you please visit our online store in the coming week when we expect to have  some stock listed.


  Enjoy your stamps.  Michael   our online store is here  

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

 Hello,  busy few days.    not much time for stamp to be honest  but this update is important,  maybe, as we did the random draw for the prize mentioned last week.  The winner is from  London in the UK,  and there was only one entry from London so you might know who you are. Thanks for reading us.   I am sorry we cannot give everyone a prize.  But stay tuned we will be doing more little gift giveaways. over the coming weeks I am sure.

What about stamps.      Sometimes when you see a stamp for the first time do you do a  double take look.  

You have to look twice to see what  it is showing.  Well I did with this one.  My eyes looked at the dark shape trying to  work out what it was.    Silly me. I should have looked at the bigger picture!  I couldn't at first see the  bird from the tree branch.

It is of course from Burma, actually the Union of Burma. Issued in 1964 as one of the Burmese Birds issue. It shows a  Green Peafowl,  or specifically it is also known as a Burmese Peafowl.   An endangered species I believe native to Burma, now Myanmar.

So much to see and learn from this wonderful hobby.  Enjoy your stamps

Best Wishes   Michael

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Hello weekend.     anyone cold  ???  I hope the weather improves if you are in a winter climate.    

A stamp to warm you up perhaps and time for a competition to get the brain cells buzzing   ... I think that might also  help keep you warm.. :-)

 I will find a nice Miniature sheet from somewhere to send to the winner.  just email me  the answers at   

 1)  what is the year of issue?

2)  what is the Issuing Theme.     the full theme,  not just Greetings stamps ok??? 

 and please include your address.  no address no winner.  and   FYI, we do not keep emails or addresses for these competition

 I will pick a winner at random   early next week.

 Have a lovely weekend       Michael        hey why  not visit our store  if you have the time support us at cddstamps.  Thanks

Monday, February 15, 2021



Hello,    someone sent me this.  I have no idea.... anyone have any idea what this is,  where it came from?

 Thanks  Michael   email me at   if you have thoughts

     minutes later I saw it..  Scott 3939   from a 2005 issue.  Latin Dance 

Monday, January 25, 2021

 Hello, changing countries now.  India.  Not the usual thing I have but  somehow this ended up on my desk.   Yes it is a perfumed miniature sheet. Actually rather nice

one randomly picked  entry with the correct answer will win it as a prize.  What is the perfume? 

email  your answer to and I will  randomly pick a winner at the weekend.  You must include a mailing address of course.  All email and addresses are deleted - we do not keep them or use them.

It has a light bend in it, covering just a partial part of it. 

Enjoy your stamps and please enjoy visiting us  you might be able to fill a few gaps in your collection  -  buy with confidence - over 21,000 positive feedbacks and climbing :-)

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