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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson.... that expression always comes to mind when I look through an auction site, and especially now that I have listed many items.

It is always useful to see what other sellers are listing. Actually it is quite disturbing. I only hope buyers are aware of what they are seeing.

Yes I know I am promoting my lots but hey you got to give a fella a fair chance. You want to pay 3 dollars postage and get a damaged stamp. Don't bid on my lots would be my advice!!!! I only ask minimum bid of US $0.65c and free postage.

Enjoy these stamps. They could be yours for a fee plus maybe 3 dollars postage, instead of the quality I am listing. Why am I saying this? because I care that unsuspecting buyers are being conned and that people with no credentials can, it is a free world I know, in this day and age take advantage of the unsuspecting buyers.

If you want some GB Machins have a look at my website ... cddstamps

or read the previous article and check out my listings at Bidstart or eBay - I am Michaelatcddstamps in case you didn't already know.

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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