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Sunday, December 12, 2021

 Hello, one more from Barbados from this website - .  Does this age you?  Do you remember the farthing.  This is Scott  90  (SG 135) from the 1905 issue of this design showing the  Seal of the Colony.  This issue has the watermark Multiple Crown C A   the earlier issue in 1896  (scot 70) has the Crown C A watermark. The C A standing for Crown Agents.

One of the nice features about this site is the catalog pages where you can see very clearly the different watermarks  as denoted in the Scott catalog

 Now, have a guess.  Which stamp, say as a good quality used copy, has the higher catalog value?  The 1896 issue or the 1905 issue?     

You would wrong if you thought the earlier printing, the older stamp - after all it was issued 125 years ago.  Just goes to show that because a stamp is old it is not always worth a higher value.    Scott 70 is catalogued at 25c  while the later issue is catalogued at $3.25.  Always check your watermarks.

There is also a copy issued in 1909 which is all brown ( Scott 91)  Just in case you are checking what  you have.

And one final plug for this website The owner sells on Hipstamp - a small store - but he is a  very good seller.  Check him out  here.

Best wishes    Michael 


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