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Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Hello,   I know, I have not written for so long.  ..... not been thinking in writing mode...  just a coping mood at the moment. Then today I was  checking I had the correct Scott  reference for  some Machins we are listing in the store -   need to top up every now and again  and decided  that some nice, very clean mint Never Hinged Machins would do...... and  look what I found.  Doesn't it just restore the faith in human nature, NOT ... that someone could list these two.   same seller...........    an embarrassment to every collector and seller of stamps...  if you collect  garbage there are hundreds more to be had.

Ok, I know I am wrong...  it is not for me to call out what people collect, or what people sell.    But  seriously people, this is waste paper.

  enjoy your philately, how ever you do.  Michael



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