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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Hello and Merry Christmas to  everyone. I hope you have a lovely festive season however you may be enjoying it.

Todays stamp is from the British Solomon Islands. as above, a George VI issue from 1939.  Rather nice;  and a tease in many ways; see what you think.

If you read the  SG catalogue it is SG 65  and titled Roviana Canoe.   This  type of canoe is particular to the Solomon islands I believe.   However  if you read Scott this stamp, Scott # 72 is titled View of Munda Point.  Why the difference in title?    To be honest I have no idea.  Perhaps because Munda Point was a place where there was a  somewhat famous battle in 1943 between the US and the Japanese?  

The stamp was issued in 1939 so the battle idea really should not apply, should it?  But, yes there is a but, this stamp issued in 1939 was perf 13½  but in 1951 there was another issue with perf 12.  So that would qualify going just by the date.

Now how about this. The same design was used on the QE II  stamp issued in 1956 and then again  - same design  but with a watermark - in 1964,  SG 83 and SG 103 -  Scott #90 and #113 (shown below), and  yes, the Scott title to the image is now Roviana Canoe.  

I welcome readers thoughts of course.   Have a lovely Christmas.   Best wishes  Michael  and   Stamps of the British Commonwealth


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