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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Hello, yes it has been a while since I wrote. I have been posting more on Twitter and Instagram.  Is blogging  a fading thing or what?  I am not sure.  But I  had the idea I should start something new.  One  cannot write much on Twitter or Instagram after all.  Mostly these past months my writings have been very random.  Maybe a bit boring?

So a  concerted effort to start something very new.  Not sure how many others write this stuff  - it might be considered too subjective or speculative in some minds. In my mind it needs to be said in this internet day and age.   

I have written on this topic many times in \Internet Philatelic Dealers Association forums. Now  for the benefit (I hope) of collectors (yes, and perhaps even people who sell stamps) I am writing my thoughts on my blog.   Perhaps no holds barred.😀   I think what I have to offer will be worthwhile to you as a collector  All it takes is people to write a comment to say not useful and I can stop, can't I,or change tack.

Also a lot of what I write will be based on actual experiences  not conjecture but actual  happenings.

For example, 4 weeks ago I wrote a piece on actual image of stamp received v actual image of stamp as offered for sale.  Real life experiences. I bought the stamp to prove  my thinking was not wrong.  Perhaps you read it and found it  thought provoking?   A few days before that I  showed another image  for a similar reason. This new series of articles will be along those lines. 

 Lets start than -  oh and I welcome examples / feedback / commentary just write to me at 

Caveat emptor!     catchy eh!! 😀  that is the title of the series.   "Let the buyer beware".  As I guess everyone knows it is the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality of what they are buying before they complete the purchase. It basically is used as a legal disclaimer.   I think that means "cop out" in plain English. .... anyway think of the words carefully.   .."buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality before they buy....."    Interesting... when you are buying something on the internet,  - talking stamps and only stamps here - you cannot check the quality you rely on the description and images from the seller.    A very much 'buyer beware" situation. and of course it leaves it wide open to the seller to say whatever they want, post whatever image they want, without recourse. 

Arghh....  I hear sellers already pouncing on me....  but we have a no quibble return policy....     if you pay the mail charges  and within a certain time period  maybe you do - that might have easily applied before corona virus of course  - the mail back in 14 days - but not anymore in any international situation, and, anyway,  what a a pain in the neck for small value items.. easier to just let it go and move on and remember to not buy from that seller again       - hey there are 1000's ( literally no exaggeration) of sellers on the internet selling stamps. 

Let's start then,  a simple one to get us going  yes the image at the top of this piece -   Would you buy these?  Caveat emptor.   whatever the description, you have no recourse if you do and you find all sorts of damage and toning and missing perfs. and if you collect this material you have probably already seen the colouring is rather suspect! Oh! and is that a scan or a photograph? all sorts of "maybe" signs to be aware of  in that. I will cover all this and more in the coming weeks and months, I hope 

 Stay safe and safely enjoy your philately    Michael and at our shop here    


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