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Saturday, May 23, 2020


One thing about collecting and studying Machins is that there is never enough time to do all that could be done.   We had some much needed rain today so  while sorting  some stamps and filing in albums  I was  attracted to these. I say these but  these are just a few of hundreds and hundreds that one day I may study. There are  some interesting varieties to look for even in something as simple as this 1/2p Machin. The first issue was in 1971 as I am sure you know but there were many other printings after that, and of course various usage in booklets.

A copy of Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Volume 4 QE II Decimal Definitive issues is a must of course. In the early uses from 1971 to 1980 I mostly just look for the two value types  - thin and thick I in the 1/2 p value and the various phosphors. There are other varieties  if you have the time and patience and stamps to study.

Anyway you can read the details yourself in the catalogue but a few images from my study this afternoon. Basically I am looking for  phosphors. It is often just as easy  to see under a table lamp but there is more to see than just the basic types and a UV lamp is essential in my view.  So a picture or two to show that. The three stamps shows the  the center band and the 2 band phosphors and the other shows there is no clear center or 2 band. I need more knowledge to correctly establish a catalogue reference.

The two stamps show the  different printings, I think a gravure and lithography and or maybe EME?  - I am never sure but I am confident someone out there will correct me please.

The two pages show the views before and then using the UV light.  Best I can get for these. And the single stamp is one I also look for  when sorting and that is a stamp that shows a cancel of usage around the period the stamp was in use.

I hope this simple - not meant to be too complete or complex - showing is of interest.    Michael



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