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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hello,  something to look our for.  So you are sorting some kiloware you bought. You have lots on paper. All old stuff and think what a waste this was.  But never give up the search. 

This was on a  piece of old envelope.  I was going to throw it but noticed the perfs were short on one margin.  Probably  just a boring old booklet stamp.  But after a soak in warm water we found an inverted watermark.  Still a boring old booklet stamp maybe. :-)    Not going to make me rich  and  actually  I have a few anyway but it is better than throwing away isn't it. SG 544Bwi  cat 70p  I can put this in the store for 15p, maybe  help someone fill a gap in their collection even if shorter perfs on one margin, as so often found on these booklet stamps.

Have a great weekend, and please don't forget our special for the end of the month of May.  All new customers to our online store  get a free pair of cddstamps tweezers.

Best wishes   stay safe  Michael


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