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Monday, April 06, 2020

Ras Alkhaima is one of 7 Emirates that make up the the Trucial States, better known as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). You are probably more familiar with the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah for example. Ras Alkhaima was the last of the Trucial States to issue its own stamps. Stamps were first issued in 1964 and the last issue was in 1972.

This is one (of 6) from the 1972 Parrots issue. The stamps from Ras Alkhaima are generally collected by thematic collectors. In fact there were rather a lot of stamp issued over the 8 years and yes, for thematic collectors. Some sources say around 900, some say around 1000 and that excludes miniature sheets.

Any stamps dated after 1972 are not legitimate stamps. As stated by Stanley Gibbons, "in common with other states of the United Arab Emirates the Ras Alkhaima stamp contract was terminated on 1st August 1972 and any further new issues after that date were unauthorized".

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Enjoy your stamps ……………… Michael


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