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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Ethiopia Part III

SG 324 from the 1942 
Independence Restored issue  Centimes
SG 328 from the 1942 
Independence Restored 2nd issue

In 1952 Eritrea was federated with Ethiopia. A set of 9 stamps was issued to celebrate the Federations. This is the high value $3.

A coup d'etat on 12 September 1974 deposed Emperor Haile Selassie; the military took over the country and proclaimed a republic. This stamp showing Emperor Haile Selaisse was from one of the last issues of his rule.

References and for further reading:
Ethiopian Philatelic Society
The Ethiopian Philatelic Society (EPS) is a non-profit club with its membership open to anyone interested in collecting postage stamps, covers, and related material of Ethiopia. The major service to members is their medal-winning, 30-page or more quarterly bulletin titled Menelik's Journal.

Tomorrow  I will show some of the Airmails I have in my collection - if I can find them! 



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