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Thursday, August 01, 2019

Hello, yes I am back from travels. And what was one of the first things I saw, well these for sale on some auction site. Absolutely disgraceful that a large dealer - maybe that is being too kind to them - has the audacity to be offering this for sale. What is wrong with it? Well how long have you got?

I think it is time for me to do a little competition.

Some, ok lets say 50, free stamps from Australia to whoever gets the most points describing "what is wrong with this junk". Just email me at I will wait a few days and then either publish a winner or winners if I like the responses and tell you what is wrong with this and why you should never bid on junk like this. I know it sold and I feel for the buyer, probably a new collector. I will explain more in time

I read recently an article included a piece about how collectors are losing faith with some stamp dealers, I wont bore you with more details now, but just say here is one very good reason why that is happening.

It shouldn't be that way and it is not that way at cddstamps I can assure you.

Have a great philatelic weekend Michael


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