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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hello, with two weeks to Christmas I am wondering if you have treated yourself to a Christmas present?

Having just listed some brilliant material to the online store, including some difficult to find Australia Vendor machine stamps from 1988, some very nice Fiji from the 1950 / 60s  and some stunning copies of Southern Rhodesia for the 1953 though 1964 I just thought best to tell you, so you have one more option for a present to yourself.

I would be showing you my present to myself but it got mailed to my old Hong Kong address  - but,  well done Hong Kong Post, they redirected the envelope back to the sender, a good friend of mine in Perth. I will be getting it very soon and will share with you in the new year.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing these few stamps, and to whet your appetite for a present from you to your.

Let me tell you one more thing. While listing these we checked some of the competition. There are 766 online stores on the Hipstamp portal now.  So there are a few sellers with the same or similar stock to us  But we welcome that. Why? because if you look at some of the competition you will see the stamps are extremely poorly described, some have no description or even SG or Scott catalogue number.  How do you know what you are buying when there are perf differences, watermark differences, the Mint stamps could have heavy hinges, or hinge remnant marks, or, on and on I could go.

At cddstamps you don't have to worry because we spend a lot of time describing each stamp, including both SG and Scott catalogue numbers and we also quote SG catalogue prices for more pricey items so have a sense of what you are paying.

And, we point out the minutest of detail that we think you should know about before you think to buy for your collection.
Oh! and by the way, if you want stamps with obvious creases, bits missing, short, very short and missing perfs,   nice stains and heavy cancels especially on common stamps for example, you have plenty of stores to chose from ( yes I know that s a bit cheeky of me, but true all the same) but you wont find such material at cddstamps, unless it is a more expensive stamp and most likely described as a spacefiller.

Finally, we are very proud of what we list for sale and what we list are stamps we would have in our collection. We are also very proud of the quality of our packing. We pack to ensure whatever the quality of the handling of the mail by the many postal authorities who handle the mail as it moves from us to you, or to the weather on the journey  your stamps will arrive in excellent condition; just as they left us.

If you were a cddstamps customer this past year I do not need to tell you all this do I.

But I thought it would be a nice plug for the end of the year. And perhaps a reminder to check out cddstamps once again.

Thanks for enjoying cddstamps.  Michael


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