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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Hello, something very different to show today. I hope you enjoy seeing this

I need something like this to look at occasionally. Very peaceful.

The stamp is from 1983 from a series of 4 issued showing Swans - it is SG 3284. The cover it is on was Issued in 1986 at the China Stamp Exhibition held in Rome to promote friendship and understanding between the Postal Administrations and philatelic circles of China and Italy. . The postal cancel like the cachet on the cover symbolizes the Chinese envoy of friendship flying to Italy along the Silk Road. Hope you enjoy seeing this

But I do need to add why it is nice to see something peaceful at this time. England got thrashed once again at the cricket in Adelaide, the Ashes second game, losing by 120 runs. Awful performance in my humble view. . I hang my head in shame for them, and to get off the subject I have had to keep up my discounts on GB stamps in our online store. found here. takes you direct to the GB listings with the discount applied If you also follow the cricket and need something to take your mind off the England performance and want to fill a few gaps in your GB collection - or even if you don'e follow cricket but have a few gaps to fill - why not visit the store and treat yourself for Christmas. Merry Christmas



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